Just wanted to say i appreciate the work you all put in to make this place what it is. I've been here for a while now and seen it grow and slow and grow some more, but what remains is you guys are consistantly good.

Goobs, you don't post much but I know you put in loads of hours behind the scenes

Betts: - thanks for all the comps and fun. I have personally once been lucky enough to win something (years ago, but still) and being from Australia and having very very little NBA mechendise that's Thunder related, it is still one of the most special things.

KDistheBaddest/KDisnotnice/whateveritwasbeforethat - thanks for fresh links and good moderation

and lastly but not leastly - all you guys that put together that care package for me all those years ago - I still have it all and look at it every few weeks. The most special thing a group of strangers have ever done for me. That and the Prize from Betts really make me love you Okies and your lovely spirit.

Ok Love fest over. But feel free to share you nice experiences with this place or the posters here. Or simply thank the guys that keep it going.

Thanks guys