Not going to link the article because I'm not giving some moron called Marina Mangiaracina any clicks. But whoever it is, is clearly a Kanter hater and is blind to good play. Its easy to hand pick plays in EVERY GAME where even DPOY level players have mis cues and lapses on defense.

Kanter played great. He's not amazing on D and I'm not arguing he is. But he is a elite offensive big that poses issues for most teams.

I think the tag line after Kanter put up 20 11 and 3 assists with a +- 27 on over 80% shooting, Was something like "Kanter shows how he is worthless to the Thunder" . Kanter has clearly upset this hack. I thought it was tongue in cheek but nope just a hatchet job by a hack.

Kanter didn't play great because the bulls are rubbish. In fact their bigs are good defender's who he made look rubbish.