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We've already given Presti an entire season. What he's done so far is debatable in signing Adams and Oladipo to extensions. The Chicago trade was good but not hugely impactful. This Thursday is another potentially important night as it seems like some big deals could be happening. If it comes and go and we don't do much, it's one more missed opportunity for Presti to prove he can build around Russ. No one is denying Russ' greatness, we are denying Presti's ability to make it happen in a very short time frame with a less than ideal hand he's dealt himself.
He hasn't had a season outside of getting shafted by cupcake to do anything. Those moves.. including Oladipo... were really for a team built before cupcake left. If your really that sour on Presti's ability to do something then why are you trusting him to build a team from scratch LOL He's already got the MVP on the team.. He will be judged by what he does and who he can get to support Russ but last season is a tough one to throw on Presti for not doing anything when he was put in the situation he was by cupcake. If he would have known well before the FA season last year that he was going to have to readjust for Russ things would no doubt have been a lot different. I"m not saying i like the contracts he made for Adams and Dipo that was not very smart to me but i'm going to wait and see how THIS year goes and what he does there's already been noise by him that Dipo could be traded and I'm not so sure Adams is not a player that could be traded at some point as well.

I don't think we do much until after the awards ceremony and Russ has his time as MVP.. after that is when i think we will know what Russ's intentions are.