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    Teams are gradually shifting to mobile tickets, they say, in part to reduce fraud, but also to get valuable information about the fan who actually winds up in a specific seat.

    Critics of the shift to mobile-only cite lack of ease with transferability, and wanting to have a physical keepsake from the game.

    Some teams that have shifted to mobile offer season-ticket holders the right to have their tickets printed on paper, but it often comes at a cost.

    Just last month, the NHL's Montreal Canadiens announced the change to digital entry. The team offered paper tickets for the season for an additional charge of $118, plus taxes and fees.
    Favorite quote: ThunderStruckBOOM: 'We will be .600 by all star break or damn near.....and top 4 come playoffs. ****ing Debbie downers....'

    Welcome to the new NBA. Four quarters of dance competition (Thunder Girls vs. the Laker Girls!) interrupted by brief displays of basketball.

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    Not a fan of this. Transferability is the biggest issue with me.

    Also, what about the guy who takes his kids to the game. I assume these children don't have mobile phones so do you then have multiple tickets per phone? And if so, that will make for long lines where some guy has to pull up a second or third page on his phone to access the extra tickets.

    What happens if someone's battery runs out before they get to the gate? Are there gonna be charging stations outside the arena? What if it's raining?

    I could go on and on but you get the picture. There are going to be some serious kinks in the system before they get this figured out.

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