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    Quote Originally Posted by Knrstz View Post
    I keep hearing about how high the front office is on semaj. It’s like they are determined to prove that he can be a serviceable player.
    With Russ and Felton healthy there should be no questions there. Semaj is a 3rd string PG at BEST.. Canaan looked better than Semaj did last night from the beginning.

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    Oklahoman Sports report indicated that the Thunder may begin the year with 14 roster spots filled, possibly keeping that 15 position open.

    Hamilton's deal doesn't count against the Thunder's 15-man roster limit, meaning the team has an open spot.

    That could go to Semaj Christon, OKC's second-string point guard most of last season. His contract becomes guaranteed on Oct. 15, meaning the Thunder could waive him before that at no cost... ...If the Thunder wants to keep a third point guard, it could opt instead for Isaiah Canaan, though the camp invitee hasn't played in the past two preseason games after scoring six points in the opener against the Rockets in Tulsa.
    --Oklahoman Tuesday, October 10, 2017 | by Brett Dawson
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    I'd give it to Canaan over Semaj. Not really sure what they see in Semaj after last season it's pretty obvious he's not a good floor pg.

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