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    Favorite quote: ThunderStruckBOOM: 'We will be .600 by all star break or damn near.....and top 4 come playoffs. ****ing Debbie downers....'

    Welcome to the new NBA. Four quarters of dance competition (Thunder Girls vs. the Laker Girls!) interrupted by brief displays of basketball.

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    I saw this and thought wow.. gotta be one of the worst decisions in BB history right there. The guy will be lucky to be in the league in 2 years.. Some people just don't have the physical durability to be an athlete. But hey.. the guy got his payday after all he just needed to please the crowd for ... 31 games..

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    This is mind boggling.
    Portland should also sign Greg Oden for 5 years 150 mill!

    If it was Minny signing KAT for the same amount and lenght I would say "Oh well, ok, maybe a bit too early to give such a big contract, but yeah KAT is legit after 2 full NBA seasons and no injuries etc.)

    Embiid played 31 games out of possible 246 so far in his career. And even in those 31 games he was limited to 25 mins because of his injuries.

    Best case scenario he will be worth the money and have a healthy career and be an all-nba caliber player for those next 5 years. Anything less than that and its a big loss for Philly. I mean if they said "Look, we wanna keep you as our franchise player and sign you for 5 years and 75 mill" then I say its a good gamble for the team and a good package for Embiid considering that he might not play a single NBA game again.

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    Philly can waive him if his body breaks fully and not have to pay out the whole thing. Sounds like a pretty complex contract and probably worth the risk.

    To take Embiid in our Fantasy NBA draft this weekend or not...hmmmm.

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    I need this player's agent.

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