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I’m not convinced this teams issues are fixed. We beat a bad Dallas team and Russ had another poor shooting night, along with mental mistakes. George played
like a beast, which was great to see because Oladipo and Sabonis continue to look great away from dononvan. The good news is we have another easy game before we play the spurs. Then we’ll see if this teams improvement is valid.
Yea they aren't fixed yet and it was a very bad Dallas team at home we beat to make it look easy. It is an improvement but we will have to make that improvement on the road.. Russ is still struggling with some decision making but they did have a little better ball movement and it showed with higher efficiency % shots. PG shooting lights out helps too but the youthful energy of our bench players are helping this team out a lot right now. They aren't blowing leads and many times improving on leads. Spurs is a very well coached team when that game comes it'll be a real test.