Oklahoma's Baker Mayfield, sixth Sooner to win the Heisman Trophy

Baker Mayfield

Statues of the first five Heisman-winning Sooners include footballs in their hands. Mayfield’s will no doubt follow suit. He will likely be depicted setting to throw, like Jason White and Sam Bradford before him.

Mayfield plays on the edge to run, throw and lead. He does so many things.

OU football has been around 122 years and we have never encountered a player like this. It could be around another 122 and I doubt we’ll see Mayfield’s like again.

You want to get the statue right? There you go. That right there. Something that captures the notion that OU’s latest Heisman Trophy winner is a playcaller’s dream, and a screenwriter’s as well.

Two years ago with Mayfield in phase one of his remarkable ascent, OU center Ty Darlington said: “If Baker gets a statue, it should not be him playing football. It should be him doing something else like dancing or playing a video game.”

OU's Baker Mayfield wins Heisman Trophy, becomes sixth Sooner to win the award.--By Guerin Emig Tulsa World