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    While he is a headcase, Boogie is one of the most talented big men in the league and injuries to any player suck


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    He's done and it's part of the game.. Any player on any team can succumb to injury.. it's why it's so important to have backup players that can step up when this kind of thing happens.

    OKC should take advantage of opportunities and move up the standings when they can. They knocked out 6 wins in a row.. They should knock out another 6 before heading to the bay area where i expect a loss. They really should be able to win the next 6 games if they stay focused... There is NO GUARANTEES in the NBA any team at any time can get a devestating injury.. GSW, Houston, Twolves and even OKC... Lets hope we stay healthy.

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    They stand a better chance of getting out of the first round than the OKC does. New Orleans will fight with the Lakers for the last playoff spot and give Golden State or Houston a tough 7 game series.
    STAY IN YO LANE!!!!!!

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